Training and support

HealthCERT is providing a variety of online seminars, education sessions, and printable resources to ensure health and disability service providers, health professionals, designated auditing agencies, and the people and whānau who use these services are well supported in preparation for the Ngā Paerewa Health and Disability Services Standard (NZS 8134:2021) to come into effect.

Online lunch sessions

HealthCERT has run a number of online sessions to provide an overview of the different sections within the 2021 standard, with a focus on the changes from the previous standards to Ngā Paerewa Health and Disability Services Standard (NZS 8134:2021) (Ngā Paerewa). 

The sessions were recorded and are available on YouTube

A copy of the presentation slides is available below:

Sector specific information seminars 

Due to disruption from COVID-19 Delta outbreaks during 2021, HealthCERT was unable to run the tailored seminar roadshows as planned. We understand that our providers and key stakeholders were also greatly affected. Therefore, we have published pre-recorded sector specific sessions that provide an overview of the development of NZS8134:2021 including a summary of partially new and new criteria.

The pre-recorded sessions are available on YouTube.

A copy of the presentation slide is available below

In December 2021, HealthCERT hosted a Designated Auditing Agency (DAA) annual national Hui that had a key theme of Ngā Paerewa and Te Ao Māori as part of preparing the DAAs for the new requirements.

Workshops on topics of interest

Ngā Paerewa pre-implementation survey results suggest that targeted workshops is the preferred way of training to support the sector’s preparedness for implementing, HealthCERT will be running quarterly feedback survey to understand how best HealthCERT can support the sector’s implementation of Ngā Paerewa in daily practice, and develop targeted workshops to meet the sector’s needs. All service providers currently certified will receive the survey via email. If you are not a certified provide and wish to be included in the next survey and/or to sign up for the HealthCERT Bulletin, email [email protected].

eLearning modules

As part of Ngā paerewa implementation, HealthCERT developed an eLearning module (Compliance with Te Tiriti o Waitangi requirements in Ngā Paerewa) to help people with their understanding of how to implement the criteria within Section 1.1 Pae ora and throughout the standard, and explaining how Ngā Paerewa supports the Ministry in its role as kaitiaki of the Health and Disability system for Aotearoa.

HealthCERT is currently working on a second eLearning module. This second modulewill dive deeper into the steps providers can take to be compliant with Te Tiriti requirements within Ngā Paerewa. If you have any feedback from the first one, or would like certain topics covered in the second, or would even like to be involved in the development, please email [email protected].

Printable resources

HealthCERT is developing printable resources, in a variety of formats and languages, to support the implementation of Ngā paerewa. This page will be updated once the resources are available. These will be developed in partnership with the sector to ensure they are fit-for-purpose.

How to stay informed

This page will be updated regularly with information about further training and support available to support the embedding of the full Ngā Paerewa requirements in provision of health and disability services.

If you have additional queries, please contact HealthCERT, [email protected].

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