Certification of health care services publications

Publications relating to HealthCERT and the certification of health care services in New Zealand.


  • Designated Auditing Agency Handbook
    Published 28 August 2023
    The purpose of this handbook is to state Manatū Hauora’s requirements of designated auditing agencies (DAAs) for auditing and audit reporting for the certification of health care services under the Health and Disability Services (Safety) Act 2001.
  • Auditing Requirements: Ngā Paerewa Health and Disability Services Standard.
    Published 18 July 2023
    This publication outlines the requirements for conformity assessment bodies (CABs) that are auditing and certifying providers of home and community support services (HCSS) against Ngā paerewa Health and disability services standard (NZS 8134;2021)
  • Standards Mapping Analysis.
    Published 03 March 2023
    This official mapping analysis compares previous standards with the 2021 Ngā Paerewa Health and Disability Services Standard, showing which criteria have changed and which have stayed the same.
  • Six Principles for Safe Visiting and Social Activities in Aged Residential Care.
    Published 24 May 2022
    This publication supports rest home providers in the development of policies and procedures that enable safe visiting, social activities and outings in the context of viruses, such as SARS-CoV-2 which causes COVID-19.
  • Improving Outcomes in Age Residential Care.
    Published 26 August 2016
    This report looks at whether changes made to auditing processes have improved outcomes for people living in age residential care facilities.
  • Secure Dementia Care Home Design: Information Resource.
    Published 12 August 2016
    The aim of this resource is to support people involved with the development or major reconfiguration of dementia care homes, and to enhance the lives of people with dementia. The resource is most useful to providers of aged care, architects, builders, families of people with dementia, and staff from DHBs and HealthCERT
  • Cover thumbnail.
    Published 12 November 2014
    This Audit Report Writing Guide offers guidance to designated auditing agency auditors on preparing audit reports for the Ministry of Health so that each report provides clear, consistent and helpful information.
  • Published 02 June 2011
    The aim of the Medicines Care Guides is to provide a quick medicine management reference tool for all care staff working in residential aged care in New Zealand.
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