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COVID-19 vaccines

Free COVID-19 vaccinations in Aotearoa New Zealand have started for those in Group 3, for well over 1 million people - this group includes everyone in New Zealand aged 65 and over, people with underlying health conditions and people with disabilities. If you are in Group 3 and have not yet received your COVID-19 vaccination, your DHB, GP or other health provider will contact you.

Speaker 1: And I did look at whether I should take it or not. I think yep, I should take it. Purely because this virus is unpredictable.

Speaker 2: I’m getting the vaccine because I travel overseas a lot. I don’t want to pick something up there and then transfer it back into the village.

Speaker 3: I am going to get the vaccination, preventing spreading in the community.

On screen: It's now time for group free to get the free COVID-19 vaccine.

Speaker 4: I want to get the vaccine, it stops you from getting sick and I want to be COVID-19 free.

Speaker 5: I like to think that taking the COVID-19 injection will keep you around to see your grandchildren grow up.

Speaker 6: Yes, I had the vaccine. I’m 99, I trust it’s doing good.

On screen: To check which vaccination group you are in, please visit If you are in group 3 your DHB or GP will contact you.

Speaker 6: Goodbye COVID-19.

On screen: Find out more at

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