Alcohol and Drug Use Survey

The 2007/08 New Zealand Alcohol and Drug Use Survey (NZADUS) measured self-reported alcohol and drug use in the New Zealand adult population.

Alcohol and recreational drug use are important aspects of people’s lifestyle, which can affect their health. The Ministry of Health ran a survey about New Zealand adults’ alcohol and drug use behaviours in 2007/08. The survey results will be used to develop, inform and evaluate policy about alcohol and other drug use in New Zealand.


The survey covered alcohol, and other drugs used for recreational purposes, such as cannabis, ecstasy, amphetamines, other stimulants, LSD and other hallucinogens, sedatives, and other drugs such as nitrous oxide and solvents. Tobacco use was not covered in detail in this survey, as there is a separate survey on tobacco use. Go to the Tobacco Use Surveys page to find out more.

The 2007/08 New Zealand Alcohol and Drug Use Survey included a range of questions about:

  • past-year use of alcohol and drugs
  • frequency of use
  • harms related to the use of alcohol and drugs
  • help-seeking for alcohol and/or drug use
  • harms experienced due to other people’s alcohol and/or drug use
  • demographic and socioeconomic information about the respondent.

Survey interviews for this survey were carried out from August 2007 to April 2008. The survey collected information on 6,784 New Zealanders aged 16–64 years, including 1,825 Maori and 817 Pacific respondents.

Data and statistics

There are three main ways of getting data and statistics from the 2007/08 New Zealand Alcohol and Drug Use Survey.

  1. Publications contain the key results from the survey.
  2. Further analysis of survey results can be requested in some circumstances. Please email [email protected] if you are interested in getting further analysis done.
  3. Survey microdata are available to researchers for their own research projects, on certain conditions. The microdata from the 2007/08 NZADUS will be available in mid-2010. More information can be found in the Access to survey microdata section.
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