Health workforce

This section has information on Health Workforce initiatives.

In this section

  • The Health Workforce Advisory Board works in partnership with the Ministry of Health to provide strategic oversight and sector leadership for New Zealand’s health workforce Read more
  • Payments to reward eligible new graduate health professionals who register and agree to work in hard-to-staff professions, communities and/or specialties. Read more
  • The Health Workforce Directorate expects career plans to be in place for all the trainees it funds. This page includes advice and career plan templates. Read more
  • The Health Workforce Directorate supports and funds a number of training initiatives. This section outlines our key programmes. Read more
  • The Health Workforce Directorate funds postgraduate training to develop the workforce. This page sets out the specifications for DHBs and others responsible for these programmes. Read more
  • The Midwifery Strategic Advisory Group provides strategic advice and guidance to the Ministry of Health and the sector to ensure a sustainable and supported midwifery workforce now and in the future Read more
  • The Children’s Act 2014 introduced measures that will ensure that children can be better protected from abuse and neglect both in their homes and in the community. This advice is for the health and disability sector on requirements under the Act. Read more
  • Medical practitioners applying for a J-1 visa to train in the USA require a Statement of Need issued by the Ministry of Health. Read more
  • Publications relating to New Zealand's health and disability workforce. Read more
  • Nurses are the largest registered health practitioner workforce in NZ. We need more nurses in all three scopes of practice (Enrolled Nurses, Registered Nurses and Nurse Practitioners) to improve health outcomes for New Zealanders. Read more
  • As the wider health reform programme progresses, our approach to the regulation of the health and disability workforce and how the Ministry of Health exercises stewardship of the regulatory system must remain in step with the overall direction of our future health system. Read more
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