Data protection and privacy

The Ministry’s data collection is governed by data protection and privacy legislation.

Privacy Act 2020

The Privacy Act 2020 (NZ Legislation website) provides the general framework for promoting and protecting individual privacy.

It does so by establishing certain principles with respect to the collection, use, disclosure of and access to information relating to individuals. It applies to public and private sector agencies.

It also established the role of Privacy Commissioner to investigate complaints about interferences with individual privacy.

Health Information Privacy Code 2020

The Health Information Privacy Code 2020 (Privacy Commissioner website) is a Code of Practice issued by the Privacy Commissioner under section 32 of the Privacy Act which gives extra protection to health information because of its sensitivity.

It covers all health agencies, and protects all personal health information relating to an identifiable individual. The Ministry has a responsibility to ensure it complies with this Code in respect of all health information entrusted to it.

Health Information Governance Guidelines

The Health Information Governance Guidelines (HISO 10064:2017) gives health providers guidance on how to collect and share personal health information legally, securely, efficiently and effectively. 

This helps ensure public confidence in data privacy and security is maintained and that the best possible treatment and care is delivered to all New Zealanders.

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