How to access data

Published data

Data on various health topics is available in numerous publications regularly released by the Ministry of Health and can be accessed under subject headings in the Publications section.

National collections

The latest data and statistics from the National Collections are now published in the Data and statistics section on the Te Whatu Ora website.

Further information about these publications can be found in the Publications section.

View more information in the National collections section.

Ministry of Health population surveys

Data from Ministry of Health population surveys is reported by Health & Disability Intelligence in the following publications:

  • New Zealand Health Survey
  • Alcohol and Drug Use Survey
  • Tobacco Use Survey
  • Adult Nutrition Survey
  • Child Nutrition Survey
  • Oral Health Survey

Further information about these publications can be found in the Publications section.

View more information in the Surveys section.

Data not previously published

Specific information, not normally available within Ministry of Health publications, can also be provided. These requests are categorised as ‘customised’ requests that require additional data from the Ministry of Health databases. The policy for accessing additional data varies according to whether it comes from the National Collections or Ministry of Health population surveys.

National collections

Some requests incur a charge. Details of this charge can be obtained by contacting the Analytical Services team (email [email protected]), with the specification of the information required.

For more detailed information, the Current Data Access Policy document contains details of the data available and the ways in which access can be obtained.

Ministry of Health population surveys

Confidentialised Unit Record Files (CURFs) of Ministry of Health population surveys are potentially available to bona fide researchers after the key survey results have been released.

CURFs have had all identifying information about individuals removed, and have been modified to protect individual information.
The Ministry of Health population survey CURFs have now been placed in the Statistics New Zealand Data Archive. Researcher access to these datasets is now managed by Statistics New Zealand.

Please go to the following website to view the eligibility criteria, the protocol for applying for access and the application form to access microdata – Confidentialised Unit Record Files (Statistics New Zealand).

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