Health system reform roadmap


The system reform roadmap is a consolidated view of nationally led achievements across Health New Zealand, Ministry of Health and Te Aka Whai Ora, showing how activity is aligned to enable the health system to deliver on the intent of the reforms. The roadmap reflects achievements through a series of milestone markers that reflect where activity is completed, rather than planned and developed. It is a living document that will be updated each quarter and will continue to evolve as planning progresses and milestones are identified. The system reform roadmap is informed by detailed plans, legislation, strategies and Cabinet papers, most of which are publicly available and can be found by clicking on each of the roadmap markers, which also provide more context on that particular achievement.

The roadmap is divided into timeframes which represent the period from when foundations for reform are laid through to when the full benefits of a reformed health system are realised.

Horizon 1 – Financial year 2022-2024

This work occurs between 2022 – 2024 and focuses on redesigning the system model, establishing the entities and introducing strategies to ensure the system settings are in place to achieve the government’s objectives.

Horizon 2 – Financial year 2024-2027

From 2024-2027, the New Zealand public and the health workforce will start to experience benefits of the new health system through the introduction of national approaches for key services, increases in digital services and investment in primary and community care.

From 2027 onwards, the focus will be on continuous improvement to enable the health system to meet the future health needs of New Zealanders.

Health system roadmap


Horizon 1 – 2022-2024

Horizon 2 – 2024-2027

Service delivery reform indicators

Hospital and specialist care

Achieved FY 2022-2023

Primary and community care

Achieved FY 2022-2023


Hauora Māori care


Public health care

Achieved FY 2022-2023

Mental health care and addiction services

Achieved FY 2022-2023

Key enablers



Data and Digital

Achieved FY 2022-2023


Achieved FY 2022-2023


Direction and organisation

Organisation function and capabilities

Achieved FY 2022-2023

Direction setting and funding

Achieved FY 2022-2023

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