Wai 2575 Health Services and Outcomes Kaupapa Inquiry

Initiated in November 2016, the Waitangi Tribunal Health Services and Outcomes Inquiry (Wai 2575) will hear all claims concerning grievances relating to health services and outcomes of national significance.

As of October 2018, there are 205 claims seeking to participate in the inquiry. The claims are historical and contemporary covering a range of issues relating to the health system, specific health services and outcomes, including health equity, primary care, disability services and Māori health providers.

 The inquiry consists of three stages: 

  • stage one will inquire into aspects of primary care (with hearings from October to December 2018) 
  • stage two will cover three priority areas encompassing mental health (including suicide and self-harm), Māori with disabilities, and issues of alcohol, tobacco, and substance abuse. This stage is expected to begin from mid-2019 
  • stage three covers the remaining national significant issues and eligible historical issues. There is currently no date for when this stage will begin. 

You can find out more about the Health Services and Outcomes Inquiry on the Waitangi Tribunal website.

Accessing Wai 2575 documents

See the Ministry of Justice website to access the official copies of documents filed in current Tribunal inquiries.

To find the health kaupapa inquiry evidence from the claimants, the interested parties and the Crown use the search function on this page specifying the following two items from the various drop down menus (the remainder are optional and for more precise searching):

  • Wai number - Wai 2575
  • Document group - Record of Documents


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