This section includes information on the health of specific New Zealand population groups. It covers migrants and refugees, Māori and Pacific Islanders, and the one in four New Zealanders who live in rural areas.

In this section

  • As the Government’s advisor for health and disability, the Ministry is charged with setting the direction for Māori health and guiding the sector as we work to increase access, achieve equity and improve outcomes for Māori. Read more
  • New Zealand has accepted refugees for resettlement since World War II. This section includes information on health concerns specific to refugees and other migrants. Read more
  • This section offers information on the Ministry of Health’s work to achieve health and wellbeing for Pacific peoples, as well as Pacific health resources and publications. Read more
  • This section covers rural health services, information about the rural health innovation fund, and publications produced by the former Centre for Rural Health Reports. Read more
  • Information on the health or Asian, Middle Eastern, Latin American and African people in New Zealand. Read more
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