Māori health models

The Māori philosophy towards health is based on a wellness or holistic health model. For many Māori the major deficiency in modern health services is taha wairua (spiritual dimension).

This section describes 3 models of Māori health.

Te Whare Tapa Whā: Mason Durie

One model for understanding Māori health is the concept of ‘te whare tapa whā’ – the four cornerstones (or sides) of Māori health. Read more.

Te Wheke: Rose Pere

Another model of Māori health is based on Te Wheke, the octopus and the eight tentacles that collectively contribute to waiora or total wellbeing. Read more.

Te Pae Mahutonga: Mason Durie

Te Pae Mahutonga (Southern Cross Star Constellation) brings together elements of modern health promotion. Read more.

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