Codes of Practice

Codes of practice issued by the Director for Radiation Safety under the Radiation Safety Act 2016 (section 86) provide operational requirements to comply with the fundamental requirements (section 9 to 12) in the Radiation Safety Act 2016.

The Radiation Safety Act 2016 (the Act) sets out high-level radiation safety requirements in sections 9 to 12. Radiation practices vary widely and lead to very different radiation safety risks.  The regulatory requirements to address all of these risks are far too extensive to be included in the Act.  Parliament, therefore, authorised the issuing of individual codes of practice to set out these detailed regulatory requirements.

The following codes have been issued under the Radiation Safety Act 2016. 

Current consultation

We are currently receiving feedback on the following proposed codes of practice. Submissions for all five consultations close on 22 November 2019, 12 pm.

Closed consultation

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