Code of Practice for Veterinary Radiation

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31 July 2020
Code of Practice for Veterinary Radiation.



This code applies to all activities associated with the use and storage of irradiating apparatus and radioactive material for veterinary diagnosis and research. Irradiating apparatus can include fixed and portable X-ray equipment and computed tomography equipment. Radioactive material can include technetium-99m used for veterinary diagnosis and iodine-131 used for veterinary therapy. Activities can include the manufacture, possession, control, management, use, administration, storage, import, export, sale, supply, discharge and disposal of irradiating apparatus and radioactive material.


This code replaces two previous codes under the Protection Act that dealt separately with veterinary X-rays (CSP 21) and the administration of Iodine-131 for treatment of thyroid conditions in cats (CSP 11). ORS C9 consolidates these requirements and covers the previous gap relating to the administration of other radioactive material such as Technecium-99m in equine veterinary practice. Specific requirements for each type of equipment and training are set out as appendices. This code introduces a new requirement to document and verify the adequacy of shielding if shielding is required.

Consultation process

In October 2019, the Ministry released a document for public consultation on the proposed wording of this code. The consultation period closed on 22 November 2019.

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    31 July 2020
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    978-1-99-002905-9 (online)
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    Ministry of Health. 2019. Code of Practice for Veterinary Radiation. Wellington: Ministry of Health.
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