What to know about source licences

Section 13 of the Radiation Safety Act 2016 requires a person who may manage, control, possess or manufacture radiation sources to obtain a source licence.

When to apply


If you are setting up a new practice/activity involving radiation sources as a managing entity, it is compulsory to hold a source licence before conducting your activities associated with radiation sources. Failure to hold the required licence is an offence under the Radiation Safety Act 2016.


A source licence is required to be renewed. A licence is renewable up to 3 years. However, if there have been changes to the previously authorised activities since the current licence was issued, the licence is no longer eligible for renewal. In this case, the licence holder must apply for variation of the current licence. See the next section for information.


Since the first licence was granted, the licensed business may have had some changes to its business. Any proposed variation in the previously granted licence must be assessed and approved before the variation is implemented. Varied licences will inherit the expiry date of the existing licences.

  • Administrative changes include the following:
    • change in ownership with continuity of the previously authorised operational aspects associated with radiation safety
    • change of trading name of a previously licensed practice.
    There is no fee associated with making administrative changes.
  • Changes to the authorised scope of current licence includes, but not limited to, the following cases:
    • acquisition of a higher risk category radiation source (eg, cone beam computed tomography)
    • addition/removal or relocation of a previously licensed business or facility for high-risk activities.
    For the high-risk compliance monitoring categories, but not limited to, a pre-authorisation inspection may be required before the variation is approved for implementation. The examples above are informative only. Additional fee (s) may incur depending on the remaining licensing term of the current license.

How to apply

Complete the Application for Source Licence to Manage, Control, Possess or Manufacture Radiation Sources and email to [email protected]. It is recommended that you start your application process at least 4 weeks in advance to obtain your authorisation without delays. To find the right form for your business, click the links in the next section 'Licence categories and application forms'.

For your application to be successful:

  • fill in all the fields
  • sign and date the application form
  • attach accompanying document (s) if required.

An invoice will be emailed to the submitter if no further information is required. Our target processing time is 3 to 5 working days after the receipt of your application. Payments made without the Ministry’s invoice reference number will cause a delay in receiving requested licences.

Licence categories and application forms

Click the following links to find out each licence category and fees payable.

Next steps

Once a licence is granted, licensed facilities will be scheduled for routine compliance monitoring. Read more about routine compliance monitoring.

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