Code of Practice for the Safe Transport of Radioactive Material


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19 April 2019
Code of Practice for the Safe Transport of Radioactive Material.

The Radiation Safety Act 2016 c(the Act) came fully into force on 7 March 2017. The Act is administered by the Ministry of Health | Manatū Hauora. Sections 9 to 12 of the Act sets out the provide fundamental requirements for radiation protection, and radiation source safety and security.

The technical detail required to ensure radiation protection, and the safety and security of radiation sources cannot practicably be included in the Act and the  Radiation Safety Regulations 2016.

Recognising this, the Act allows the Director for Radiation Safety to issue codes of practice that specify technical requirements.

This code of practice is for the safe transport of radioactive material by road, rail, sea or air. All people and organisations that deal with radioactive material within the scope of the code must comply with the code. This is in order to meet the fundamental requirements of the Act. The Director for Radiation Safety has determined that dealing with radioactive material includes the activities of consigning radioactive material for transport and being a consignee of radioactive material immediately following the transport of the radioactive material.

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    19 April 2019
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    978-1-98-856871-3 (online)
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    Ministry of Health. 2019. Code of Practice for the Safe Transport of Radioactive Material: ORS C6. Wellington: Ministry of Health.
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