Health Sector Response to the 2019 Measles Outbreaks

Published online: 
16 September 2020

This report was commissioned by the Ministry in early 2020 to consider the health system's response to the measles outbreaks, and was conducted by Dr Gerard Sonder and Dr Suitafa Debbie Ryan. 

The review was tasked with reflecting on how the system responded, and continues to respond, to the outbreak, and to identify opportunities to strengthen future responses, and identifying what went well and what could be improved to help manage future disease outbreaks.

It includes a set of recommendations to improve the health system’s ability to prevent and respond to measles and other disease outbreaks.

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    16 September 2020
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    978-1-99-002929-5 (online)
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    Dr Gerard Sonder, Dr Debbie Ryan. 2020. Health Sector Response to the 2019 Measles Outbreaks. Wellington.
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