Data and Information Strategy for Health and Disability: Roadmap 2021-2024

This roadmap accompanies the Data and Information Strategy for Health and Disability and identifies the key actions to be taken in each priority area within the next two years.

Published online: 
10 December 2021

The Strategy advises the health and disability sector of significant changes needed to get the best value from data and information collected and to ensure people have as much control as possible over their personal health information.

The Strategy identifies five priority areas in which the system needs to improve to derive greater value from data and information:

  1. data foundations
  2. equity and data sovereignty
  3. consumer participation
  4. people and leadership
  5. data accessibility.

This Roadmap identifies specific actions to be taken at both national and local levels to improve the way the system manages data and partners with key stakeholder groups to involve them in the decisions about their data.

Actions are targeted at:

  • stabilising the foundations of our data system to improve the quality and consistency of the data we collect
  • ensuring that equity and data sovereignty considerations are built into the ways we manage, use and share data
  • ensuring people who use the system understand what data is held about them and have opportunities to access that data themselves and influence how the system uses their data
  • improving the way decisions are made about data by enabling community involvement in data governance processes
  • making safe sharing of data in ways that protect privacy a routine part of how the system operates

The roadmap covers actions to be taken over the next two years with suggestions for further actions after that. The Ministry expects the roadmap to be a living document that is updated from time to time.

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    10 December 2021
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    978-1-99-100770-4 (online)
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