A Best Practice Guide for Continuous Practice Improvement

A framework for use when developing or reviewing programmes set up to demonstrate the competence and performance of medical specialists.

Published online: 
16 February 2016

A number of processes and systems are currently used by stakeholders to demonstrate medical specialists’ ongoing competence through the assessment of performance and the factors that may influence that performance. These systems aim to ensure that the quality of patient care is continually being improved and that medical specialists are also continuing to develop professionally.

However, many of the assessment processes overlap, and the systems operate independently.

This Best Practice Guide presents a framework that will enable any new programme or review of an existing programme to build on work that has already been done in the sector. The framework promotes:

  • greater emphasis on a peer or colleague ‘constructive conversation’ as the central building block of the participatory framework
  • use of multisource feedback as an effective way to encourage self–reflection
  • use of continuing medical education (CME) activities that have been shown to have a positive effect on medical specialist performance or patient outcomes
  • medical specialists to release and share certain portfolio items to enable employers or Colleges to fully utilise professional development participation measures without duplication.
  • development of electronic web-based portfolio and electronic multisource feedback systems that integrate the needs of stakeholders in cost-effective ways.

The Best Practice Guide was produced as a joint project between the Council of Medical Colleges and Member Colleges, the Medical Council of New Zealand, the Ministry of Health and District Health Board Chief Medical Officers.

This guide is available on the Council of Medical Colleges website.

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    16 February 2016
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    Council of Medical Colleges in New Zealand. 2016. A Best Practice Guide for Continuous Practice Improvement. Wellington: Council of Medical Colleges in New Zealand.
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