Asian Public Health Project Report

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01 March 2003
Asian Public Health Project Report.


Representatives from the Asian community in Auckland approached the Ministry of Health’s Public Health Directorate in 2002 requesting that the public health needs of Asian people be considered in developing public health strategies. The Asian Network and the Auckland Regional Public Health Service were keen for health agencies to assess the public health needs of Asian people and subsequently foster programmes and interventions that would start to address some of these needs.

The Ministry of Health facilitated the establishment of an Asian Public Health Project Team in 2002 to oversee an initial health assessment, and this report contains the results of the work undertaken by the Project Team. The Project Team included representatives of the three Auckland District Health Boards, the Asian Network and the Auckland Regional Public Health Service.

The purpose of the report is to compile available information on Asian public health needs to assist decision-makers, programme planners and other interested parties to better respond to the increasing public health needs of Asian people living within the Auckland region.

The report attempts to provide a comprehensive view of Asian people’s public health needs within the Auckland region, but there has been limited research in this area and a key finding is that the needs of Asian populations and the more specific needs of the many sub-populations will require further and ongoing research.

The scope of this report is confined to some broad recommendations and starting points. Given that there is limited public health funding for Asian-specific initiatives, mainstream public health providers will be encouraged to use the information in this report as a catalyst to develop activities and programmes that are more sensitive to the key Asian populations within the Auckland region.

Another limitation is that there has been no analysis of primary, secondary or tertiary health care needs of Asian people. The focus has been on public health or needs best addressed through a population-wide approach rather than treatment of specific diseases or illnesses.


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