Value for Money Review of the National Depression Initiative Programme

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04 October 2013
Value for Money Review of the National Depression Initiative programme cover


In 2012, the Ministry of Health requested that a Value for Money (VfM) review of the National Depression Initiative (NDI) be undertaken, which KPMG was subsequently commissioned to complete. The ultimate purpose of the review is to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of services delivered under the NDI programme.

Objectives of the Value for Money review

The objectives of this review are to:

  • examine the cost-effectiveness of existing NDI programme services delivered by Ministry of Health and Health Promotion Agency (HPA) funded NDI service providers
  • analyse NDI programme participation and service usage including client demographics where available
  • compare NDI with international services / delivery structures for people experiencing depression
  • compare NDI with other services for people experiencing depression provided to New Zealanders in the New Zealand context
  • analyse the impact of NDI services on Māori, Pasifika and Asian at-risk populations, based on available information
  • assess the NDI programme’s methodology to obtain clinical and non-clinical advice
  • recommend improvements to NDI programme effectiveness or reach. The review is intended to identify whether services are being delivered in the most efficient and effective ways to meet Government objectives and to generate the maximum benefit for the level of expenditure. Options for improving the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the NDI have been provided, where appropriate.

Scope of the Value for Money review

The scope of this review is confined to the spend for the NDI (for the 2012–13 financial year this will be $5.13 m). The project scope comprises the following actions:

  • a review of agreed international and Ministry literature
  • a detailed consultation with key stakeholders including the three service providers (DraftFCB, Phoenix Research Ltd and Lifeline), members of the NDI Reference Network, the Ministry and the HPA
  • a review of the cost-effectiveness of services delivered by the three service providers and the Reference Network.

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    04 October 2013
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