Tier 1 statistics 2017/18: New Zealand Health Survey

Published online: 
15 November 2018
National results

An error in the child height and weight measurement data has been identified. Revised estimates will be published on 14 November 2019.

For more information, view the media release: Health Survey error led to overestimate of obesity numbers.

This release covers the latest data for the most important statistics (Tier 1) from the 2017/18 New Zealand Health Survey. The statistics included are:

  • self-rated health
  • smoking (current)
  • past-year drinking
  • hazardous drinking
  • obesity
  • mental health status (psychological distress)
  • unmet need for GP due to cost
  • unfilled prescription due to cost

You can view these statistics, along with the full set of indicators from the 2017/18 New Zealand Health Survey, in our New Zealand Health Survey Annual Data Explorer. It includes data from previous years of the survey as well as providing results by gender, age group, ethnic group and neighbourhood deprivation.

If you have any queries please email hdi@health.govt.nz

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