Strategy to Prevent and Minimise Gambling Harm 2016/17 to 2018/19: Consultation document

Consultation document on the draft Strategy to Prevent and Minimise Gambling Harm for the three-year period from 1 July 2016 to 30 June 2019, and on the draft problem gambling levy rates necessary to recoup the costs of the Strategy from the main gambling operators.

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31 July 2015
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The Gambling Act 2003 sets out requirements for an ‘integrated problem gambling strategy focused on public health’.

The Ministry of Health is responsible for developing the strategy at three-yearly intervals, and for implementing it. The Crown recovers the cost of developing and implementing the strategy, by way of a ‘problem gambling levy’ set by regulation at a different rate for each of the main gambling sectors. The Act specifies consultation requirements for the development of the strategy and the levy rates.

Consistent with these requirements, the Ministry is now seeking comment, through a consultation process, on its draft Strategy to Prevent and Minimise Gambling Harm for 2016/17 to 2018/19 and on draft levy rates. The consultation document also includes the Needs Assessment required by the Act, which looks at facts and figures relating to gambling harm in New Zealand, and has informed development of the consultation document.

All submissions are due with the Ministry by 5pm on Friday 11 September 2015.

Updated levy rate tables

The Consultation Document published on 31 July 2015 stated that the figures used in the four alternative levy calculation options should be considered indicative, and would be updated before the Gambling Commission’s meeting. To assist those wishing to make submissions on the consultation document, the figures have now been updated. Updated levy rate tables (docx, 42 KB)

How to have your say

There are two ways you can make a submission.


  • Fill out the submission form and post it with your submission to:

Derek Thompson
Preventing and Minimising Gambling Harm Submissions
Ministry of Health
PO Box 5013

Please send only one copy of your submission.

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