SNOMED CT Subset Development for National Patient Flow: general paediatrics and child developmental services

Submissions close 5.00 pm, Friday 3 August 2018.

Published online: 
15 June 2018

Draft SNOMED subsets (subsets) have been developed for general paediatrics and child developmental services to support enhanced reporting within National Patient Flow and are now available for wider comment.  You are invited to comment on the content included in these subsets.  Feedback from paediatric specialists and child development professionals would be particularly welcome.

SNOMED CT is the universal system of clinical terminology designed for capturing structured information about patients, conditions, interventions and outcomes at point of care.  SNOMED is the Ministry of Health’s preferred solution for clinical terminology, and will be used in the National Patient Flow* collection (NPF) to provide a consistent language for classifying referrals.  A key component of the ability to understand the patient journeys based on reason for referral is establishing a nationally agreed set of clinical terms. 

This project sets out to identify clinical terms in each specialty, using SNOMED, that will cover the most common terms for reason for referral, signs/symptoms, procedures (performed in outpatient settings), along with working and confirmed diagnosis.

Draft subsets are formed using information currently used within district health boards, then further refined through clinical working groups. 

For more information see Background to National Patient Flow (Word, 69 KB)

How to have your say

The closing date for submissions is 5.00 pm, Friday 3 August 2018.

Public comment on the draft general paediatric and child developmental services SNOMED subsets will be open until 5pm, Friday 3 August 2018. 

Submissions should be emailed to

Please use the public comment template to record any general comments on the subset.  To record your comments against clinical terms within the subset, please download the Draft General Paediatrics or Draft Child Developmental Services subset and enter your feedback within the comments field provided in the worksheet. 

Additional clinical terms to be considered, should be recorded in the box provided at the end of the worksheet, along with a brief reason. 


We may publish submissions on the Ministry's website, unless you have asked us not to. If you are submitting as an individual, we will automatically remove your personal details and any identifiable information. You can chose to have your personal details withheld if your submission is requested under the Official Information Act.

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