Sexually Transmitted Infections: Findings from the 2014/15 New Zealand Health Survey

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15 November 2019
Sexually Transmitted Infections.

This report describes the burden of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) in New Zealand with regard to gender, age, ethnicity and neighbourhood deprivation patterns. STIs can have serious long-term consequences, such as infertility. The knowledge obtained from this survey will contribute to our understanding of the current burden of STIs in the New Zealand population, especially in terms of which sectors of the population are most affected, allowing a more nuanced approach to prevention and management of STIs (Haggerty et al 2010).

Over 10,000 respondents aged 16–74 years completed the sexual and reproductive health module in the 2014/15 Health Survey.

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Overview of key findings

  • Approximately one in five women and one in nine men (12 percent) who have had a sexual partner reported ever having been diagnosed with an STI.
  • Women’s lifetime STI rate peaked at 20–24 years and dropped steeply after age 54 years. There was no age pattern for men.
  • More Māori men and women had ever been diagnosed with an STI than non-Māori men and women.
  • Chlamydia was the most commonly diagnosed STI in a person’s lifetime: 10 percent of women and 4.7 percent of men reported having ever been diagnosed with chlamydia.
  • Genital warts were less frequently diagnosed in men and women under the age of 25, compared to those in older age groups.
  • The commonest place to seek treatment for an STI in the past five years was a general practice for women and a general practice or a sexual health clinic for men.

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