Pacific Islands Families Study 2014: Mother and youth gambling report

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04 July 2018
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The research is part of the longitudinal Pacific Islands Families (PIF) Study conducted by AUT, which is following a cohort of Pacific children born in 2000, and their parents.

The longitudinal nature of the study has provided useful insights into changes in gambling behaviours and risk factors over time, as well as the social, family and environmental factors associated with gambling.

In addition to investigating the extent of gambling and problem gambling, the study assessed risk factors for gambling participation and expenditure. In the case of Pacific youth, being bullied at school was identified as a risk factor, as was gang involvement, playing computer/video games, watching television/video/DVDs and having a mother who gambled.

Risk factors for gambling participation among mothers studied included alcohol consumption, being a victim or perpetrator of verbal abuse, aggression and increased deprivation levels. Meanwhile, retaining a high level of alignment with Pacific culture, alongside a low level of alignment with New Zealand culture, was associated with risky gambling behaviour.

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    04 July 2018
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    Bellringer et al. 2016. Pacific Islands Families Study 2014: Mother and youth gambling. Auckland: Auckland University of Technology, Gambling and Addictions Research Centre.
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