National Syphilis Action Plan

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26 June 2019
National Syphilis Action Plan.


Syphilis has been increasing in New Zealand every year since 2012. We are now also seeing cases of congenital syphilis in New Zealand - a condition that was very rare previously. The Ministry has developed a national syphilis action plan (the action plan) to guide a systematic and coordinated health sector response to stop the increase in syphilis.

The action plan was developed in consultation with the wider sexual health community and takes a comprehensive approach to addressing the increase in syphilis, focussing on both prevention and treatment. Four priority areas have been identified:

  • prevention and health promotion
  • testing and management
  • antenatal care
  • surveillance and monitoring.

Each priority area has a number of actions to be delivered at either a national or regional level within a short-, medium- or long-term timeframe.

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    26 June 2019
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    Ministry of Health. 2019. National Syphilis Action Plan: An action plan to stop the syphilis epidemic in New Zealand. Wellington: Ministry of Health.
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