Mortality 2017 data tables

Provisional as at December 2019

Published online: 
18 December 2019


These tables contain provisional information on the underlying causes of all deaths registered in New Zealand in 2017. A ‘Quick facts’ section also includes information on rates of death by ethnicity and selected causes of mortality.

Most information is broken down by age, sex, ethnicity, district health board and statistical classification chapters, subgroups and three character codes. Information for deaths from external causes has been aggregated. Further detail will be provided when the final data for 2017 is released in 2020.

These tables form part of the Mortality and Demographic Data annual series.

This data is sourced from the Mortality Collection

Key mortality statistics – 2017

Total number of deaths and mortality rates, 2017 (provisional)
  Number of deaths Percentage of deaths by sex Mortality rate
Total Male Female Male Female Total Male Female
Māori 3,748 1,971 1,777 52.6 47.4 641.2 736.9 559.5
Non-Māori 29,851 15,026 14,825 50.3 49.7 350.1 408.5 297.9
Total 33,599 16,997 16,602 50.6 49.4 378.6 440.6 323.4

Note: rates per 100,000 population, age standardised to WHO World Standard Population.


At the time this mortality data was extracted, there were 414 deaths awaiting final coroners’ findings. Of these, 100 deaths had no known cause and 314 deaths had a provisional cause (ie, not yet confirmed). Please note that the number of deaths awaiting coroners' findings with no known cause is higher for this release than in previous years. These tables will be updated as required during 2020 as coroners complete their findings.

We have quality checked the collection, extraction, and reporting of the data presented here. However errors can occur. Contact the Ministry of Health if you have any concerns regarding any of the data or analyses presented here, at [email protected]

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