More Than Just a Jab: Evaluation of the Māori Influenza Vaccination Programme as part of the COVID-19 Māori Health Response

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30 April 2021
More Than Just a Jab: Evaluation of the Māori Influenza Vaccination Programme as part of the COVID-19 Māori Health Response.

The More Than Just a Jab Māori Influenza Vaccination Programme (MIVP) evaluation was prepared for the Ministry of Health by Research Evaluation Consultancy Ltd to understand the impact of the MIVP on Māori influenza rates and equity.

The key evaluation questions were:

  • did MIVP impact on the equity of Māori influenza vaccination rates?
  • what aspects of the MIVP implementation made a difference for Māori?
  • what are insights that providers and DHBs can use to improve MIVP or similar programmes and services targeting Māori?
  • what are the considerations for the Ministry to improve MIVP or similar programmes and services to increase equity for Māori?

Findings from the evaluation

The evaluation found that overall, the MIVP made a valuable contribution to improving Māori influenza vaccination equity rates. In summary:

  • NIR recorded significantly higher vaccination rates for Māori than in previous years
  • influenza vaccination rates for Māori 65+ increased from 45.8 percent in 2019 to 59 percent in 2020. This is significant given the small improvement observed between 2015 and 2019
  • the overall influenza equity gap for Māori 65+ reduced in 2020 from -12.1 percent to -8.4 percent.

While some of this increase will be due to COVID-19, the evidence suggested the MIVP also contributed to this increase.

In addition, the evaluation identified three core strategies that made a difference for whānau Māori:

  1. mobilising services to go into the community
  2. taking a whānau-centred approach
  3. focusing on Māori workforce capability and capacity.

Additional strategies include the need to identify and respond to barriers while considering the local context and, being diverse in the design and delivery of services. The critical learning was that the delivery of vaccinations is More than just a jab. The MIVP delivered the ingredients for system transformation – ingredients informing delivery of this year’s Māori Influenza and Measles Vaccination Programme.

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The MIMVP contributes to He Korowai Oranga: the Māori Health Strategy that has the overall aim of ensuring Māori enjoy high standards of health and wellbeing. Whakamaua: the Māori Health Plan 2020–2025 guides implementation by ensuring health and wellbeing outcomes improve for Māori whānau, hapū and iwi – and that persistent equity gaps for Māori are addressed.

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