Infant Feeding in an Emergency

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18 December 2015
Infant Feeding in an Emergency.

The Guide for DHB Emergency Management Staff (PDF, 220 KB) is to help emergency planning and response staff of district health boards (DHBs) plan for and respond to infant feeding needs in an emergency. 

The Roles and Responsibilities document (PDF, 194 KB) outlines the organisations and groups that have key roles and responsibilities to help make sure that babies aged 0–12 months are fed safely in an emergency. 

Both documents should be read in conjunction with the Ministry of Health’s Position Statement: Infant feeding in an emergency for babies Aged 0–12 Months (PDF, 134 KB) and information pamphlet for parents and caregivers Feeding Your Baby in an emergency: For babies aged 0–12 months (PDF, 311 KB)

Further information about health agencies’ planning for and responding to emergency situations is available in the National Health Emergency Plan.

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