HISO 10083:2020 Interoperability Roadmap

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19 August 2020
Interoperability Roadmap.

Digital health can transform the outcomes and experience of consumers if information is shared seamlessly. When digital products, services and information systems work together in this way, we call it being interoperable.

Interoperability is a key enabler within the digital health ecosystem we are building. Interoperability will ensure that health information can be accessed by consumers, health professionals, carers and whānau anywhere, anytime and anyhow. This will extend over time to better connectedness with the social sector to provide consumers with joined-up health and social services.

While there is a level of interoperability in the health and disability system already, we need to do much more to improve the experience for consumers and the workforce.

Our interoperability roadmap is about accelerating the shift to a fully interoperable digital health ecosystem. In the document, we outline the need for change and set out practical steps over the next two years on our collective journey.

The roadmap has four interwoven themes:

  • connecting and identifying
  • using the same languages
  • unblocking access to data
  • enabling joined-up services.

Under each of these headings, we describe the current situation, what we’ll look to shift to, how we’ll do this, and what great looks like.

Interoperability roadmap schematic
The HISO 10083:2020 Interoperability Roadmap: high level schematic

Because standards are so important to interoperability, HISO has the role of kaitiaki to oversee the changes, track progress and keep the roadmap up-to-date. We intend to publish quarterly progress reports and will update the roadmap to reflect experiences, requirements and opportunities as they emerge.

We welcome your participation and feedback.

Contact us at [email protected].

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