HISO 10071:2019 Cardiovascular Disease Risk Assessment Data Standard

This standard supports the implementation of cardiovascular disease risk assessment using the agreed primary prevention equations.

Published online: 
28 May 2019
Cardiovascular Disease Risk Assessment Data Standard.

Improving the accuracy and consistency of cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk assessment and management is an opportunity for significantly improving equity in health outcomes for New Zealanders. We want to see CVD risk being assessed, understood and managed to ensure that morbidity and mortality for key New Zealand population groups continue to improve over time.

HISO 10071:2019 Cardiovascular Disease Risk Assessment Data Standard supports the frontline implementation of two new sex-specific CVD risk equations for primary prevention; for the general population and for patients who have diabetes. It provides a data set specification for the inputs to the calculation, and the algorithms used. The clinical aspects of CVD risk assessment are covered by the following publication: Cardiovascular Disease Risk Assessment and Management for Primary Care.

Risk calculators will need to provide a good user experience for both the patient and the clinician. This includes integration with patient management systems, and consideration being given to health literacy, risk communication and consumer interfaces.

Adoption roadmap

We know that several organisations have begun developing a risk calculator, and they will need the new standard to finalise this work. The Ministry of Health plans to provide a ‘test frame’ that will enable organisations to test the accuracy of the results of risk calculators. The standard and the test frame will help to ensure that risk calculators produce the same results even though the software is different.

We are aware that the implementation environment has changed significantly. Recently the Ministry has agreed to fund a small project to support the accuracy of assessment and standardisation of results across the country. We will be exploring the best next steps towards adoption of a useful solution in the current environment.

The Ministry is also aware that New Zealand CVD risk equations for other key populations will be available in the future (eg, patients with serious mental illness) which will necessitate an update to the published standard.

We will provide monthly updates on progress to the sector, through clinical groups and networks and posted here.

Contact us

If you have any questions about implementation of the new standard, please do not hesitate to email Riaz Azam, Senior Project Manager, CVD, Diabetes, Long-term Conditions. Email: riaz_azam@health.govt.nz

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    28 May 2019
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    Ministry of Health. 2019. HISO 10071:2019 Cardiovascular Disease Risk Assessment Data Standard. Wellington: Ministry of Health.
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