HISO 10048 Emergency Care Data Standard for public comment

Submissions on this consultation have now closed.

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27 April 2018

You are invited to review and comment on SNOMED reference sets for consistent recording of chief presenting complaint, diagnosis and procedure information in emergency care.

The Ministry of Health is moving towards improved recording of emergency department visits by district health boards. As a key part of this, we are introducing standard SNOMED CT reference sets for chief presenting complaint, diagnosis and procedure/investigation concepts in emergency care. 

As our clinical terminology standard, SNOMED enables advanced clinical decision support, interoperability, care coordination and analytics, with benefits for patients, clinicians and the health system.

Maps from SNOMED concepts to ICD-10-AM statistical classifications will be provided to ensure continuity of data collection.

We invite your comments and suggestions on the three reference sets before they are published. 

We acknowledge the work by emergency medicine specialists at Nelson-Marlborough DHB to develop the reference sets for chief presenting complaint and diagnosis used successfully in the Emergency Department at a Glance information system. The procedure/investigation reference set was also developed by New Zealand emergency care specialists. 

Consultation period is closed

Submissions closed at 5.00 pm, Tuesday 31 July 2018.

This consultation has now closed.

We aim to have an agreed release by the end of June 2018 that will be made available to DHBs and their industry partners in a standard format via the SNOMED member licensing and distribution service.

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