Source licences for non-medical and veterinary purposes

Find out about specific activity categories and fees payable.

Categories and fees

The examples in the table below are informative only. Depending on the risk profile associated with the proposed activities and types of radiation sources, the Director for Radiation Safety may suggest a different category per location or impose conditions on a source licence that the Director considers appropriate. 


Examples of activity and source type

Annual fee (GST inclusive) from 7 March 2023

Non‑medical 1

Industrial radiography or any non-medical practice involving high-activity radioactive material including:

  • industrial gamma sterilisation
  • scientific research or other activities with high activity radioactive material
  • blood irradiation


Non-medical 2

Production of unsealed radioactive material using a cyclotron


Non-medical 3

Irradiating apparatus or low activity sealed or unsealed sources used for:

  • well logging
  • veterinary diagnosis and treatment with unsealed radioactive material eg I-131


Non-medical 4

Irradiating apparatus or low activity sealed sources Density, thickness or level gauges such as nuclear soil/moisture density meters


Non-medical 5

Veterinary diagnosis with X-ray radiology equipment only


Non-medical 6

Irradiating apparatus or low activity sealed sources

  • hand-held XRFs
  • industrial gauges (not included in other categories)
  • installation and servicing
  • static elimination
  • X-ray analysis or inspection equipment
  • other activities associated with the use of low-activity sources


Application forms – From 7 March 2023

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