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The New Zealand Health Survey (NZHS) provides information about the health and wellbeing of New Zealanders. The NZHS became a continuous survey in 2011, enabling the publication of annual updates on the health of New Zealanders.

COVID-19 update: The New Zealand Health Survey, which is administered by a face-to-face interview, was suspended in March 2020 to reduce any risks of transmitting COVID-19 between interviewers and respondents. The survey started again on 4 September 2020.

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Latest survey results

Mental health 2016/17: New Zealand Health Survey
The 2016/17 Mental Health Data Explorer presents survey results on mental health status, risk of problematic substance use, loneliness, informal help-seeking and access to mental health and addictions services for both adults and children.

Tobacco and electronic cigarette use 2015/16: New Zealand Health Survey
The Tobacco and Electronic Cigarette Use Data Explorer provides survey results on the following topics: smoking prevalence, types of tobacco products smoked, reasons for smoking roll-your-own cigarettes, initiation and uptake of smoking, smoking cessation behaviour, electronic cigarette use, smoking in pregnancy and exposure to second-hand smoke. 

Biomedical results 2014/15: New Zealand Health Survey
The Biomedical Data Explorer presents results from blood and urine tests in the 2014/15 New Zealand Health Survey. Tests included biomarkers of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, liver function, nutrition, and immunity to measles and rubella.

Sexual and reproductive health 2014/15: New Zealand Health Survey
The Sexual and Reproductive Health reports and data explorer cover the following topics: first heterosexual sex, heterosexual sexual behaviours, sexual orientation, contraception, pregnancy planning, sexually transmitted infections and non-volitional sex.

Annual Update of Key Results 2018/19: New Zealand Health Survey
This Annual Data Explorer presents the 2018/19 results from the New Zealand Health Survey, for both adults and children. The Annual Data Explorer includes information on health behaviours and risk factors, health conditions and access to health services.

Tier 1 statistics 2018/19: New Zealand Health Survey
This release covers the most important indicators from the 2018/19 New Zealand Health Survey. These are self-rated health, smoking (current), past-year drinking, hazardous drinking, obesity, mental health status (psychological distress), unmet need for GP due to cost and unfilled prescriptions due to cost.

Household Food Insecurity among Children: New Zealand Health Survey
This publication explores the prevalence of household food insecurity in children aged 0–14 years. It also provides insights into the wider circumstances of children living in food insecure households, including their health status, development and unmet need for health care.

About the survey

Information collected through the New Zealand Health Survey supports the development of health services, policy and strategy. Survey data is collected continuously but findings are reported annually.

The results provide data for people selected for the survey period from July to June each year. Over 13,000 adults and the parents or primary caregivers of over 4,000 children take part in the survey each year.

Survey methodology and information

Methodology Report 2018/19: New Zealand Health Survey
This methodology report details the procedures and protocols followed to ensure the New Zealand Health Survey produces the high-quality and robust data expected of official statistics.

Questionnaires and Content Guide 2018/19: New Zealand Health Survey
The questionnaires and content guide give information about the content of the adult and child surveys.

Sample Design from 2015/16: New Zealand Health Survey
This report outlines the sample design of the New Zealand Health Survey.

Sample Design, Years 1–3 (2011–2013): New Zealand Health Survey
This report describes the sample design of the New Zealand Health Survey which has been in the field from April 2011.

The New Zealand Health Survey: Objectives and topic areas
This report outlines the key information domains and topic areas in the survey.

Access to survey microdata

Researchers can apply to access the Confidentialised Unit Record Files (CURFs) from Ministry of Health population surveys after the key survey results have been released.

CURFs have had all identifying information about individuals removed, and have been modified to protect individual information.

You can view a list of available CURFs at Access to survey microdata.

Researcher access to these datasets is managed through Statistics New Zealand. Go to Confidentialised Unit Record Files on the Statistics New Zealand website to view the eligibility criteria, the protocol for applying for access and the application form to access microdata.

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