Sexual and reproductive health 2014/15: New Zealand Health Survey

Published online: 
15 November 2019

The Sexual and Reproductive Health reports and data explorer cover the following topics: first heterosexual sex, heterosexual sexual behaviours, sexual orientation, contraception, pregnancy planning, sexually transmitted infections and non-volitional sex.

The results come from the 2014/15 New Zealand Health Survey. Adults aged 16–74 years who had completed the 2014/15 survey were invited to participate in the sexual and reproductive health module, and this was completed by 87% (n = 10,198) of eligible respondents. This sample consisted of 2,460 Māori*, 619 Pacific, 814 Asian and 7,542 European/Other. For privacy reasons, questions in the sexual and reproductive health module were self-completed by respondents. The Health Survey is voluntary and people can stop at any time.

You can find the reports and data explorer below. Results are available by gender, age group, ethnic group and neighbourhood deprivation.

Use our Sexual and Reproductive Health Data Explorer to see the results from the 2014/15 Health Survey.

Go to Sexual and reproductive health to find out what's being done in this area.

If you have any queries please email [email protected].

* Adults who reported more than one ethnic group are counted once in each group reported. This means that the total number of responses for all ethnic groups is greater than the total number of adults who stated their ethnicities.

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