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The following table is a directory for data sources commonly used when analysing the health of New Zealand populations.

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Burden of Diseases, Injuries and Risk Factors Study

The New Zealand Burden of Diseases, Injuries and Risk Factors Study analyses health losses sustained by New Zealanders of all ages, both sexes and both major ethnic groups.

Information based on data from the NZBD includes:
  • causes of health loss
  • the relative impact of different diseases, injuries and risk factors
  • health expectancy.

Ministry of Health

Longer, Healthier Lives: New Zealand’s Health 1990–2017


New Zealand Cancer Registry (NZCR)

This is a population-based register of all primary malignant diseases diagnosed in New Zealand.

Information based on data from the NZCR includes:
  • cancer registrations
  • deaths from cancer
  • most common cancers
  • leading causes of death from cancer
  • demographics
  • cancer survival data.

Ministry of Health

New Zealand Cancer Registry (NZCR)

See Cancer data and stats for publications and datasets.

Information based on NZCR data is updated annually. 

National Minimum Dataset (Hospital Events)

The National Minimum Dataset (NMDS) is a national collection of public and private hospital discharge information, including coded clinical data for inpatients and day patients.

Information based on data from the NMDS includes:
  • hospital discharges
  • hospital procedures
  • hospital discharges involving injury and poisoning
  • self-harm hospitalisations.

Ministry of Health

National Minimum Dataset (hospital events)

See Hospital events data and stats and Suicide data and stats for publications and datasets

Information based on NMDS data is updated annually.

Mortality Collection

The Mortality Collection classifies the underlying cause of death for all deaths registered in New Zealand, and all registerable stillbirths (fetal deaths).

Information based on data from the Mortality Collection includes:

  • leading causes of death
  • demographics
  • historical trends in mortality
  • fetal and infant deaths
  • suicide

Ministry of Health

Mortality Collection

See Mortality data and stats and Suicide data and stats for publications and datasets.

Information based on Mortality Collection data is updated annually.

New Zealand Health Survey (NZHS)

The New Zealand Health Survey provides information about the health and well-being of New Zealand adults and children.

Information based on data from the NZHS includes:
  • health status
  • health behaviours
  • risk factors
  • health conditions
  • access to health care
  • oral health.

Ministry of Health


5-yearly since 1992/93

Changed to a continuous survey in 2011.

Population Statistics

Population statistics includes the number of births registered in New Zealand each year, along with statistics about deaths, marriages, civil unions and divorces.

Information on Population Statistics includes:
  • population data
  • birth registrations
  • fertility rates
  • marriages, civil unions and divorces
  • birth tables.

Statistics New Zealand



Disability Survey

The Disability Survey collects information on people living with and without impairments in New Zealand.

Information based on data from the Disability Survey includes:
  • prevalence, nature, duration and causes of disability
  • barriers that people with disabilities encounter in everyday life
  • employment, transport, education, accommodation and special equipment.

Statistics New Zealand


Every 5 years

General Social Survey

The General Social Survey (GSS) collects information on a wide range of topics that will give an overall picture of the social well-being of New Zealanders.

Information based on data from the GSS includes:
  • how wellbeing varies across different groups within the population
  • relationships between different aspects of life and to overall wellbeing.

Statistics New Zealand



Life expectancy

Statistics about life expectancy gives information about the patterns of mortality (death) and survival at various ages.

Information on life expectancy includes:
  • patterns of mortality
  • New Zealand life-period tables
  • births and deaths.

Statistics New Zealand


Life tables: Every 5 years

Te Kupenga: Māori Social Survey

The Māori Social Survey provides information on the well-being of Māori and is focused on addressing key social and cultural information needs.

Information based on data from the Māori Social Survey includes:
  • wellbeing
  • demographics
  • economic standard of living
  • health
  • knowledge and skills
  • te reo Māori and tikanga Māori.

Statistics New Zealand


At this stage it is unknown whether this survey will be repeated.

New Zealand Census

The New Zealand Census is the official count of how many people and dwellings there are in New Zealand.

Information based on data from the New Zealand Census includes:
  • demographic information including: health, income and education
  • iwi and te reo Māori
  • regional information including by: DHB, regional council, TLA and area unit
  • and much more.

Statistics New Zealand


Every 5 years

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Health statistics and data sets: lists health statistics by topic (eg, obesity, diabetes, etc).

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