Methodology Report 2022/23: New Zealand Health Survey

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14 December 2023
Methodology Report 2022/23: New Zealand Health Survey.

This methodology report details the procedures and protocols followed to ensure the New Zealand Health Survey produces the high-quality and robust data expected of official statistics.

The New Zealand Health Survey is a face-to-face survey with a multi-stage sampling design that involves randomly selecting a sample of small geographic areas, households within the selected areas, and individuals within the selected households. One adult aged 15 years or older and one child aged 14 years or younger (if any in the household) were chosen at random from each selected household.

Survey respondents are selected from the ‘usually resident’ population. 

Of those invited to participate in the survey in 2022/23, the weighted response rate was 71% for adults and 67% for children. 6,799 adults and 2,029 primary caregivers (representing their children) agreed to be interviewed. This included 813 disabled adults and 203 disabled children.

Included in the methodology report is information about:

  • the survey population and sample design
  • data collection
  • response and coverage rates
  • data processing
  • weighting
  • analysis methods
  • changes in previously published statistics.

Information specific to the data collection and analysis of the New Zealand Health Survey 2022/23 is included in Section 9 of this report.

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    14 December 2023
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    Ministry of Health. 2023. Methodology Report 2022/23: New Zealand Health Survey. Wellington: Ministry of Health.
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