What we do

Manatū Hauora is the chief steward of the health system, leading health across government.

Our shared vision across the health system is a New Zealand where all people live longer in good health, have improved quality of life, and where there is equity in outcomes between all groups.  

The Ministry sets direction and policy for the health system, advises the Government on funding and system settings, regulates the health system, and monitors health outcomes.  

Our role in the health system 

The Ministry has an important role in monitoring the performance of and outcomes achieved by the new health system, to make sure it’s delivering the best possible health services to New Zealanders. 

The Ministry’s role is to:   

  • provide coherent system-level leadership that aligns priorities and focus across the health system and across government in relation to health and wellbeing  
  • drive system strategy and performance   
  • be the Government’s primary advisor on health, priority setting, policy and system performance  
  • be the principal source of horizon-scanning and government-level leadership, including leading on advice on the determinants of health and wellbeing, and taking a medium and long-term investment focus on health and wellbeing  
  • be the regulator of the health system. 

See Overview of the health system.

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