Ministry directorates

The Ministry is made up of directorates and business units, each with its own functions and areas of responsibility.

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System Strategy and Policy

DDG System Strategy and Policy: Maree Roberts

The System Strategy and Policy directorate is responsible for the Ministry's core policy function, including providing leadership and guidance on policy development and advice across the organisation. 

Corporate Services

DDG Corporate Services (Acting): Celia Wellington 

The Corporate Services directorate oversees all our important enabling corporate functions. 

Mental Health and Addiction

DDG Mental Health and Addiction (Acting): Philip Grady

The Mental Health and Addiction directorate is responsible for overseeing the ‘end-to-end’ activities and functions for mental health and addictions services and leading the response to the Government Inquiry into Mental Health and Addictions.

Data and Digital

DDG Data and Digital: Shayne Hunter

The Data and Digital directorate is responsible for ensuring that the Ministry’s data collections and digital technology support the health system to deliver better services and health outcomes. The directorate also has oversight of current data and digital functions as well as the national collections.

DHB Performance, Support and Infrastructure

DDG DHB Performance, Support and Infrastructure (Acting): Robyn Shearer

The DHB Performance, Support and Infrastructure directorate has responsibility for ensuring a strong working relationship between the Ministry and DHBs, ensuring strategic leadership and support for DHB planning and funding, ensuring accountability for DHB operational performance, and oversight of DHB infrastructure and capital projects. The directorate also oversees electives (planned care) and national services.

Population Health and Prevention

DDG Population Health and Prevention: Deborah Woodley

The Population Health and Prevention directorate is responsible for leading the Ministry’s population health programmes including the National Screening Unit, services and programmes for specific population groups, non-communicable disease prevention and control, emergency management and key public health functions.

Office of the Director-General

DDG Office of the Director-General: Sarah Turner

The Office of the Director-General of Health is responsible for Government and Ministerial services, internal and external communications, global health and provides support to the Director-General of Health, Ministers and the Executive Leadership Team.

Māori Health

DDG Māori Health: John Whaanga

The Māori Health directorate has an explicit focus on the Crown’s Treaty obligations to protect and improve Māori health outcomes, by providing strategic advice and guidance on Māori health improvement in a collaborative and integrated manner across the Ministry and the sector. 

Office of the Chief Clinical Officers

Chief Medical Officer: Dr Robyn Carey

Chief Nursing Officer: Lorraine Hetaraka

Chief Allied Health Professions Officer: Martin Chadwick

The Office of the Chief Clinical Officers provides a strategic clinical lens to ensure services are better planned and delivered for the benefit of New Zealanders. This includes identifying and promoting innovations at a national level, providing oversight and direction on clinical and professional issues across the sector, and supporting the response to current and future workforce demand.

Health System Improvement and Innovation

DDG Health System Improvement and Innovation (Acting): Clare Perry 

The Health System Improvement and Innovation directorate is responsible for ensuring strategic leadership and support for the Ministry and wider health sector to deliver ongoing improvements in service quality and outcomes.  This includes leadership of research and evidence, quality assurance and improvement, data analytics and support for innovation in the sector. 


DDG Disability: Adri Isbister

The Disability directorate is responsibility for providing the oversight of ‘end-to-end’ activities and functions for the disability community. This includes purchasing disability support services for people with a long-term physical, intellectual and/or sensory impairment that require ongoing Government support to enhance their health and wellbeing, as well as advising on disability policy and ensuring disabled people receive the health care services they need.

Health Workforce

DDG Health Workforce: Andrew Wilson

The Health Workforce directorate is responsible for creating and supporting a clear strategy and future pathway for health workforce in New Zealand. This includes workforce policy, planning, commissioning of training, and supporting the development and implementation of innovative workforce initiatives across the sector, including with DHBs. The directorate also has oversight of employment and industrial relations matters across the sector and maintains a close working relationship with the Health Workforce New Zealand Committee.

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