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Statistical publications and data sets on problem gambling.

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    Published 07 August 2012
    This report includes preliminary findings on gambling in New Zealand based on nine months of data collection from the New Zealand Health Survey (July 2011 to March 2012).
  • Published 02 May 2009
    This report presents key findings about problem gambling and gambling-related harm in the New Zealand population, from the 2006/07 New Zealand Health Survey.
  • Published 10 July 2008
    The purpose of this manual is to advise the Ministry of Health’s contracted Problem Gambling Service providers on how they should collect and submit service utilisation data into the Client Information Collection “CLIC” database.
  • Published 03 February 2008
    The purpose of this manual is to specify the minimum standards for Problem Gambling Intervention Service Providers data and information. This manual specifies the minimum standards for Providers’ capture, maintenance, privacy and security of data and information.
  • Published 02 July 2007
    This report, presents and summarises the data collected by problem gambling service providers in 2006. It provides an overview of clients who have sought help via Gambling Helpline Ltd (the Helpline) and face-to-face problem gambling services during that period.
  • Published 02 September 2006
    Problem Gambling Intervention Services in New Zealand: 2005 Service-user statistics presents national problem gambling services statistics for the 2005 calendar year. Gambling-related harm is a social and health issue. The determinants and impacts of gambling harm, and the continuum of interventions required to minimise and prevent gambling harm, are complex. The Strategic Plan for Preventing and Minimising Gambling Harm 2004–2010 (Ministry of Health 2005) gives the development of a programme of research and evaluation as one of its objectives. Routine data collection and analyses of service utilisation information are fundamental components of the research agenda.
  • Published 02 October 2005
    The document presents data on the use of problem gambling intervention services. Although the data only represents help-seeking or voluntary behaviour, the annual report data set continues to advance the collective knowledge base of gambling harm, including problem gambling.
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