37,688 flu vaccines administered in the last week

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22 June 2022

Influenza vaccines administered in New Zealand

The numbers as at 17 June 2022

  • 37,688 flu vaccines administered across New Zealand in the past week, bringing the total to date to 1,037,871 (21% of the population).
  • Flu vaccines administered to those over 65 so far: 530,552 (65%).
  • Flu vaccines administered to Māori aged 55 to 64 so far: 20,462 (29%).
  • Flu vaccines administered to Pacific people aged 55 to 64 so far: 10,234 (32%).
  • The number of vaccinations administered this week increased by 4,235 on last week.
  • 1,443,933 doses have been distributed around the country.

What you need to know

  • Getting the flu vaccine helps reduce your risk of getting really sick or having to go to hospital.
  • Reopening New Zealand's border means we will see new strains of flu spreading in our communities.
  • Flu vaccines are free for those people most likely to get very sick – people who are over 65 years of age; Māori and Pacific people over 55 years of age; pregnant people; and those with underlying health conditions.
  • Visit the Ministry of Health’s website for more information.
  • Data may vary reflecting timeliness of data reporting.
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