Flu (influenza) vaccines


Protect yourself, and your whānau, from the flu this winter 

Getting a flu jab is your best defence from the flu this winter. They’re available from April and are free for those most likely to get very sick. Contact your GP or local pharmacy today.

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2022 flu vaccine data

As at 11:59pm 16 September 2022 (updated weekly)


people have had a flu vaccine this year


of ages 65+ have had a flu vaccine this year

That's 576,213 people

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Getting a flu jab

Getting a flu jab helps reduce your risk of getting really sick or having to go to hospital

> Why it's important to get a flu jab

How to get a flu jab

Information for employers


Free flu jabs

Flu vaccines are free for some people who are most likely to get very sick (ages 6 months+)

Over 65s

> Māori and Pacific people over 55

Pregnant people

> Underlying health conditions (ages 6 months+)

From 1 July, flu vaccines are also free for -

Tamariki aged 3-12

People with serious mental health or addiction needs

About the flu jab

         > Side effects and reactions

> How effective is the flu jab and how it works

About flu

The flu virus affects your whole body. Symptoms come on suddenly and can include fever, chills, muscle aches, runny nose, cough, shortness of breath, and stomach upsets. It can keep you in bed for a week or more

> About flu

Resources and translations

Downloadable posters and flyers in 27 different languages to help you promote the flu jab in your business or community.

Flu jab translations and resources – Dropbox

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