Ministerial Advisory Committee on health reform implementation

The Ministerial Committee was established in September 2022 under section 87 of the Pae Ora (Healthy Futures) Act 2022 , and was disestablished on 1 March 2024, following completion of their final report:

The Committee’s purpose is to provide independent advice to Ministers on the continued implementation of the health reforms beyond Day 1 of the new health system, and advise on the delivery, benefits and any risk for the first two years of reform. As outlined in its terms of reference, the role of the MAC is to “provide external advice on progress, support requirements and risk on health reform implementation.

The Ministerial Advisory Committee is focused on providing assurance to the Minister that:

  • reform implementation is consistent with Cabinet decisions, with a particular focus on the first two years of the reformed system;
  • there are clear priorities guiding transformation activity across the system, and organisations are working together to deliver on reform objectives;
  • business as usual activity is being directed towards new ways of working, and aligns with the respective roles of each organisation in the system, while delivering as one system; and
  • the reform agenda is not lost over time, and that culture change and other changes that take time to embed are a continued area of focus for leaders and governors across the system.

To ensure these needs are met, the MAC provides independent advice on:

  • progress of Te Whatu Ora, Te Aka Whai Ora and Manatū Hauora towards embedding functions and systems, realising the reform objectives, including working as one system;
  • emerging risks, issues and mitigation strategies;
  • requirements to achieve successful implementation of the reform agenda, the intended vision, benefits and outcomes; and
  • prioritisation of resources and effort across the system on reform related activities.

Committee Membership

  • Sue Suckling (Chair)
  • Parekawhia McLean
  • Margareth Broodkorn
  • Dr Andrew Connolly
  • Dr Suitafa Deborah Ryan
  • Cathy Scott

Committee’s work programme

In December 2022, the Committee undertook a high-level rapid initial assessment of reform implementation and has subsequently identified a number of key focus areas that require further detailed assessment. In February the Committee proposed the following focus areas for review:

  • Te Aka Whai Ora - Supporting Te Aka Whai Ora to succeed (note this was subsequently lead by the Hauora Māori Advisory Committee)
  • System collaboration and decision-making - Utilising the immunisation programme to demonstrate system collaboration and decision-making mechanisms (note this work was delayed until 24th July, following the release of the Immunisation Taskforce’s report)
  • Sub-national arrangements - Understanding whether planned sub-national
  • arrangements will give effect to a nationally planned, regionally distributed and locally delivered model
  • Localities - Understanding how localities will drive integration, innovation and
  • seamless delivery; and the role of Iwi-Māori Partnership Boards (IMPBs)
  • Financial sustainability and efficiency - Working with Manatū Hauora and Treasury to ensure financial sustainability and efficiency opportunities are achieved
  • System performance monitoring and reporting - Strengthening the system performance monitoring and reporting functions.

Additional areas of focus have included:

  • A high-level review of progress on data and digital input into supporting transformation (note this was commissioned and a report is due end of July)
  • Working closely with the newly formed SRIO within Manatū Hauora to share the Committee’s observed areas of concern and risk associated with the successful transformation agenda and the establishment of an agreed implementation pathway through to June 2024 (including clear markers of progress which can be monitored). This work is still in progress.

In May the Committee further revised its work programme to include:

  • Complete and report on the current areas of exploration it has underway including data and digital.
  • Undertake the assessment of system collaboration in the National Immunisation Programme
  • Undertake further assurance reviews as directed by the Minister or as the Committee becomes aware of specific issues
  • Work with the (SRIO) to agree a reform pathway and markers through to June 2024
  • Lead and coordinate with the SRIO on an independent assessment of confidence in health reform progress, in approximately October 2023.
  • Brief the incoming Te Whatu Ora Chair.

Terms of reference

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