Obesity at a glance

Facts and observations about obesity in New Zealand

New Zealand's adult obesity rate

New Zealand has the third highest adult obesity rate in the OECD and our rates are rising
Source: Understanding Excess Body Weight: New Zealand Health Survey

Childhood obesity spans demographics

Childhood obesity spans demographics
Source: New Zealand Health Survey (unpublished data)

Prevalence of childhood obesity in New Zealand by DHB

A map showing how obesity rates differ between DHBs

Source: Regional Results from the 2011-2013 New Zealand Health Survey

Obesity in children

Obesity is particularly concerning in children as it is associated with a wide range of health conditions and increased risk of premature illness
Source: Interim Report of the Commission on Ending Childhood Obesity

Obesity as a factor causing health loss

Obesity is projected to overtake tobacco as the leading risk factor causing health loss in New Zealand by 2016
Source: Health Loss in New Zealand: A report from the New Zealand Burden of Diseases, Injuries and Risk Factors Study 2006–2016

Risk of serious health conditions

Obesity significantly raises the risk of serious health conditions such as diabetes, cardiovascular problems, dementia, some cancers, mental illness, and chronic pain
Source: Understanding Excess Body Weight: New Zealand Health Survey

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