Te Mana Ola: The Pacific Health Strategy

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12 July 2023
Te Mana Ola: The Pacific Health Strategy.

Te Mana Ola is the first-ever Pacific Health Strategy for Aotearoa New Zealand. Te Mana Ola sets the direction and long-term priorities to achieve equity in Pacific health and wellbeing outcomes over the next 10 years.

This strategy acknowledges that Pacific peoples’ views of health go beyond the presence or absence of disease or injury. Health is seen more holistically as a state of physical, mental, social, spiritual and cultural wellbeing of Pacific whānau and communities. 

Te Mana Ola was developed with the guidance and support of an Advisory Group and informed by an extensive community and health sector engagement process, with more than 40 fono (meetings) held throughout Aotearoa

The 5 key priority areas of Te Mana Ola focus on and embrace the interconnection between:

  • population health, by working with communities to build, maintain and enable strong foundations for Pacific health and well-being
  • prioritising disease prevention, health promotion and good health and wellbeing throughout the life course
  • better understanding the needs of Pacific peoples and communities and enabling them to exercise authority over their health and wellbeing
  • ensuring that timely, high-quality services are reaching Pacific peoples, wherever they live
  • growing and supporting strong Pacific health leadership and a resilient health workforce that reflects the population it serves.

Implementing Te Mana Ola will include setting short-term priorities for the Government Policy Statement that link to strategic objectives, updating Ola Manuia guided by pae ora objectives, establishing a Pacific Health Intelligence Function within Manatū Hauora and Te Whatu Ora and finalising a Te Mana Ola outcomes framework with monitoring indicators in collaboration with health and social sector government agencies. 

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