Pae Ora Health Strategies: Summary of feedback from engagement

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12 July 2023
Pae Ora Health Strategies: Summary of feedback from engagement.

To support the development of the health strategies, and to reflect the vision of pae ora and the principles in the Pae Ora Act, Manatū Hauora | the Ministry of Health undertook extensive public and stakeholder engagement.

Between November 2022 and May 2023, the Ministry carried out a series of engagement activities to gather the opinions of people, whānau, communities. These activities ranged in scale and comprised a number of channels – from social media and online platforms to one-on-one interviews and group discussions.

This report provides a summary of the key themes raised in engagement across all groups and through the range of channels and activities undertaken. The content endeavours to reflect the matters raised, and to reflect the context in which comments were provided. While we have sought to honour the voices heard through engagement, it is not possible to capture all feedback received in this report.

Many of the themes, views and specific insights in this report are also referenced in the individual health strategies, as part of the evidence base that has informed the ten-year direction. This report should be read alongside those strategies as a supporting document.

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