Showcasing Aged-care Nursing

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19 September 2013


New Zealand has a rapidly ageing population. By the late 2020s, the number of older New Zealanders is forecast to outnumber the youth and child populations, with one million New Zealanders predicted to be aged over 65.

Already our ageing population has had a big impact on the health sector, placing greater demands on services and supports that relate to a wide array of conditions, such as arthritis, chronic respiratory problems, cardiac disease, stroke and dementia. Our hospitals, general practices and rest home facilities all have increased workloads.

The good news is that people across the health system have been looking at how they can continue to provide a high standard of care as demand rises. Nurses in particular are taking a leadership role, and a strong nursing workforce is recognised as the key to high-quality health care for older people in the future. Collaboration between district health boards and aged-care providers in the community is helping to build and maintain this vital workforce. 

In this publication and series of videos and regional case studies, Showcasing Aged-care Nursing, we share some of the exciting initiatives that are under way. For more case studies and videos, visit the Showcasing aged-care nursing section.

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