National Healthy Food and Drink Policy

2nd edition

Published online: 
30 September 2019
National Healthy Food and Drink Policy


The National Healthy Food and Drink Policy supports health sector leadership in promoting and ‘normalising’ healthy food environments in work and public places, as well as demonstrating a commitment to the health and wellbeing of staff, visitors and the general public.

The Policy, originally published in 2016, was developed by the DHB Healthy Food and Drink Environments Network – a group of nutrition, dietetic, food service, and/or public health representatives from all DHBs, along with the Ministry of Health.

This 2nd edition follows a review of the Policy by the Network two years on from its introduction. The review focused on ways to make the Policy more practical and easy to follow, while still maintaining its alignment to healthy eating as described by the Ministry of Health’s Eating and Activity Guidelines for New Zealand Adults. The resulting changes are relatively small and mostly specific to the nutrient criteria. 

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    30 September 2019
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    Online: 978-1-98-856829-4
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    National District Health Board Food and Drink Environments Network 2019: National Healthy Food and Drink Policy (2nd ed). Wellington: Ministry of Health
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    Only soft copy available to download
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    Owned by the Ministry of Health and licensed for reuse under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International Licence.

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