National Healthy Food and Drink Policy

Creating healthier food and drink options for district health boards (DHBs) and the Ministry of Health

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16 September 2016
National Healthy Food and Drink Policy

It is important that our health care system shows leadership in providing healthier food and drink environments because many of the diseases that result in people needing hospital care are associated with what we eat and drink.

The Policy aims to demonstrate commitment to the health and wellbeing of staff, visitors and the general public by providing healthy food and drink options, consistent with the Eating and Activity Guidelines. (Separate standards exist for inpatient meals which reflect their current health state and are not included as part of this policy).

The Policy has been developed by the DHB Healthy Food and Drink Environments Network – a group of nutrition, dietetic, food service, and/or public health representatives from all DHBs, along with the Ministry of Health, with the intent that it would be able to be implemented over a two-year period.

The Ministry of Health has adopted the Policy. The Policy is available for individual DHBs to consider adopting. Local involvement is important for DHB implementation, including from employees and their representatives.

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Healthy Food and Drink Policy for Organisations

A similar policy appropriate for adoption by other organisations and workplaces has also been developed.

Monitoring Tool – National Healthy Food and Drink Policy

The Tool is designed to be used as a self-assessment of progress by organisations that have endorsed the Policy. The framework of this Tool is aligned to the Policy which applies to all DHB facilities/ sites, contractors and staff.

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