Ministry of Health and NZ Health Partnerships simplify DHB procurement

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16 August 2019

The National Oracle Solution (NOS) programme has now been superseded by the Health Finance, Procurement and Information Management System (FPIM). 

In June, a new Business Case for FPIM was endorsed by all 20 DHBs and approved by Cabinet. 

FPIM has two primary objectives. Firstly, to address risks from end of life systems experienced by at least 10 DHBs. 

Secondly, to realise the procurement benefits of PHARMAC negotiated national contracts for medical devices, as well as savings through other national procurement initiatives. It will also provide data to support DHBs to realise further procurement benefits outside of nationally negotiated contracts. 

To date, the FPIM software has been implemented in four DHBs: Bay of Plenty, Canterbury, Waikato, and West Coast. The FPIM programme will develop the IT infrastructure to support these four DHBs and seven others that will also move to the FPIM system. The seven other DHBs that will move to the FPIM system are: Auckland, Counties Manukau, Northland, Waitemata, Taranaki, Southern and South Canterbury.

In parallel, a National Catalogue of products and services, common Chart of Accounts, national data standards and data repository are being developed to support procurement benefits. These elements of FPIM will be used by all 20 DHBs, regardless of the financial management and procurement system they use.   

The Ministry has established the FPIM Governance Board to provide governance oversight of the programme and service. The FPIM Governance Board has representatives from the Ministry, DHBs, PHARMAC and independents with relevant governance experience. 

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