Interim Government Policy Statement year one measure results released

News article

22 May 2024

Today the Ministry of Health has released the year one results for the measures set out in the interim Government Policy Statement (iGPS) 2022–24.

The iGPS 2022–24 outlines what the previous Government expected the new health system to deliver and achieve. Across the suite of more than 30 measures, results after one year show there are areas where performance is steady, such as people reporting being involved in decision-making in their care. The results also show areas where further work is needed such as waitlist management, childhood immunisation and health workforce.

You can see results for the full set of measures on our website at Interim Government Policy Statement Measures Snapshot Report 2022/23.

The Ministry will report to the Minister of Health on year two results towards the end of this year and these will be publicly shared on our website soon after.

The Minister of Health is releasing a new Government Policy Statement (GPS) in June. This includes a range of measures that will indicate how delivery of this Government’s health priorities is tracking. The GPS will tie in with the suite of Health Targets launched by the Minister earlier this year.

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